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Release notes

Vor dem Senden wählen
Choose folder before sending
Choose before
Nach dem Senden wählen
Choose folder after sending
Choose After



Erlaubt es, eine Kopie gesendeter Nachrichten in den aktuellen oder einen beliebigen anderen Ordner anstatt in den 'Gesendet' Ordner zu speichern. Außerdem kann man bei Antworten die Originalmail ggf. gleich mitverschieben.
Allows to place a copy of sent messages into the currently active folder or any other folder you choose instead of the 'Sent' folder. For replies the original message might be moved along with the new message.
Hilfreich, wenn Nachrichten z. B. auf einem IMAP-Server vorsortiert werden, und man Antworten auf eine solche Mail im gleichen Ordner wie die ursprüngliche Nachricht speichern will.
Useful, if your mails are presorted e.g. on an IMAP-Server, and you want answers to a mail be saved along with the original mail.
Muß für jedes Konto in den Einstellungen des Add-ons individuell aktiviert werden.
Must be activated individually for each account in the options dialog of the add-on.
Es gibt eine Einstellung um den Zielordner für die Kopie *vor* oder *nach* dem Senden auswählen zu können.
There is a setting to allow to be asked for the target folder *before* or *after* clicking send.
Als Abkürzungen für 'Senden mit Kopie in den Gesendet-Ordner' und 'Senden ohne Kopie' gibt es Menupunkte, Tastaturkürzel und Icons (rechte Maustaste in den Menubalken und 'Anpassen' wählen).
For "Send with copy to 'Sent' folder" and "Send with no copy" there are menu items, keyboard shortcuts and icons (rightclick into the menubar and choose 'customize').

Besonderheiten bei Gmail Konten

Peculiarities of Gmail accounts

Gmail Konten verhalten sich anders als 'normale' IMAP Konten. Gmail kennt keine Ordner, stattdessen arbeitet es mit 'Labels', die an Mails angeheftet werden. Eine Mail, die z.B. das Label 'Arbeit' hat, wird von TB im Ordner 'Arbeit' angezeigt. Mails, die mehrere Labels haben, werden von TB in jedem entsprechenden Ordner angezeigt. Außerdem wird jede Mail auch im Ordner 'Alle Nachrichten' angezeigt. Die Mail ist auf dem Gmail Server aber tatsächlich nur einmal vorhanden! Wird eine Mail in TB vom Ordner 'Arbeit' in den Ordner 'Privat' verschoben, so wird lediglich das Label 'Arbeit' von der Mail entfernt und das Label 'Privat' hinzugefügt. Wird eine Mail in TB vom Ordner 'Arbeit' in den Ordner 'Privat' kopiert, so wird der Mail das Label 'Privat' hinzugefügt.
Gmail accounts behave differently than 'normal' IMAP accounts. Gmail doesn't know folders, instead it works with 'labels' that are attached to mails. For example, a mail that has the label 'Work' is displayed by TB in the 'Work' folder. Mails that have multiple labels are displayed by TB in each appropriate folder. In addition, each mail is also displayed in the 'All Mail' folder. The mail actually only exists once on the Gmail server! Moving a mail in TB from the 'Work' folder to the 'Private' folder only removes the 'Work' label from the mail and adds the 'Private' label. If a mail in TB is copied from the 'Work' folder to the 'Private' folder, the label 'Private' is added to the mail.
Wird eine Mail gelöscht verschwindet sie in TB aus allen Ordner, in denen sie bisher angezeigt wurde! Sie erscheint dann ausschließlich im Ordner 'Papierkorb'.
If an email is deleted, it disappears in TB from all the folders in which it previously was displayed! It then only appears in the 'Trash' folder.
Eine weitere Besonderheit von Gmail ist, das versendete Mails das Label 'Sent' bekommen, und von TB daher im Ordner 'Gesendet' angezeigt wird. Ein Versenden einer Mail ohne das dies passiert ist nicht möglich. In den Einstellungen dieses Add-on ist die Wahlmöglichkeit "zusätzliche Kopie in den 'Gesendet' Ordner" für Gmail Konten daher automatisch aktiviert und läßt sich nicht deaktivieren.
Another special feature of Gmail is that sent emails are given the label 'Sent' and are therefore displayed by TB in the 'Sent' folder. It is not possible to send an email without this happening. In the settings of this add-on, the option "additional copy to the 'Sent' folder" for Gmail accounts is therefore automatically activated and cannot be deactivated.
Wird als Ziel des Add-on 'Keine Kopie' ausgewählt und die Einstellung "'Keine Kopie' bedeutet 'Kopie in den Papierkorb'" ist nicht aktiviert, so erscheint die Mail im 'Gesendet' Ordner (und damit auch unter 'Alle Nachrichten'). Ist diese Einstellung jedoch aktiviert, so erscheint die Mail ausschließlich im 'Papierkorb'.
If 'No copy' is selected as the target of the add-on and the setting "'No copy' implies 'Copy to trash'" is not activated, the e-mail will appear in the 'Sent' folder (and thus also under 'All Mails'). However, if this setting is activated, the mail only appears in the 'Trash' folder.



Date Version
15.05.2006 0.2.2 initial release
17.05.2006 0.3.0
  • fixed bug with multiple identities per account
  • fixed issue with folders marked as 'Sent'-folders and therefore couldn't be deleted afterwards (but see the FAQ)
20.05.2006 0.4.0
  • permits to choose any folder (with the current folder as default) at the time, the message is sent
07.06.2006 0.4.1
  • fix a bug with the accountsettings for movemail-accounts
03.10.2006 0.5.0
  • option to make an additional copy to the Sent-folder apart from current/choosen folder
  • added buttons, menuitems and hotkeys for 'send without copy' and 'send with copy to sent-folder only'
30.11.2006 0.6.0
  • use 'Sent'-folder as default if current folder is a special folder (Trash, Draft, Junk, Queue, Template)
  • now works in offline mode
  • added options for 'what should be the default folder' (current or 'Sent')
  • added option to treat 'No Copy' as 'Copy to trash'
  • added ja locale
16.12.2006 0.6.1
  • More localizations
10.03.2007 0.7.0
  • Allows to choose the folder after sending (global option)
  • Move folder selector to below the subject
  • Fixed bug where messages saved as draft or template are additionally copied to the sent-folder
15.03.2007 0.7.1
  • Fixed a BIG bug with the selector not accepting the selection
16.03.2007 0.7.2
  • Fixed another bug with the selector not accepting the 'no copy' selection
05.05.2007 0.7.3
  • Added spanish locale, updated others
10.05.2007 0.7.4
  • Added some missing localized strings
02.09.2007 0.7.5
  • The pre-sent selector now automatically opens, if it gets focus (mainly after using access key)
  • Add menuitem for the current folder in the pre-sent selector
  • add access key for 'No copy' in the selectors
  • fix small bug in the copies-and-folder preferences window
6.9.2007 0.7.6
  • If replying to a message in a virtual folder, use the real folder as default
  • Add menuitem for 'last used folder' to the selectors
  • The accesskeys for default folder, no copy and last used folder are now options
12.9.2007 0.7.7
  • Updated locales
  • Added Chinese(Simplified), Turkish
11.2.2008 0.7.8
  • Fixed some minor problems with the remembered 'last used folder'
  • now remembers up to 9 'last used folders' (configurable)
  • Works in Thunderbird 3
10.7.2008 0.7.9
  • Fixed two bugs in TB3a2pre
27.7.2008 0.7.10
  • Fixed toolbaricons
21.10.2008 0.7.11 Runs in SeaMonkey 2.0a1
23.11.2008 0.7.12
  • Fixed problem where some settings are not stored correctly
  • Make keyboard shortcut for 'Send(no copy)' and 'Send(to sent)' configurable
  • Remove limit for number of remembered folders
  • Don't use numbered accesskeys by default (this allows it to use letter keys to cycle through the entries)
    To revert to numbered accesskeys define and set to true the boolean preference 'extensions.copysent2current.numbered_accesskeys'. This will restrict the number of remembered folders to 9.
14.12.2008 0.7.13
  • Fixed problem for TB3 Beta1
5.5.2009 0.7.14
  • Fixed a problem, where the keystroke from the keyboard shortcut to open the popup is used as first char to navigate inside the popup
20.7.2009 0.7.15
  • Fixed bug in TB3b3pre, which prevents the compose window to open
  • Fixed bug in TB3, where 'send without copy=copy to trash' crashes TB
  • In TB3 always assume 'send without copy=copy to trash' because of a bug in TB3 (#503798)
  • With the 'additional copy to sent folder' option, be sure, that copy to a local folder is done first
  • Works with Eudora(8.0b6) and Postbox(1.0b13) derivates
8.10.2009 0.7.16
  • Fixed problem with TB3b4, when compose window does not open from within one of the new search result tabs
11.10.2009 0.7.17
  • Fixed problem with SM RC1, when compose window does not open
  • Fixed problem where the selector does not correctly shows folder names in foreign languages
12.10.2009 0.7.18
  • Fixed problem with compose window not opening after fresh install
  • Fixed problem with folder selector not showing all folders in case of 'choose behind'
14.10.2009 0.7.19
  • Check for illegal folders in the list of remembered folders
  • Changed accesskey for the pulldown menu from n to s (german) and c to m (english) because these were used by the attachment box
  • Quiet some warning alerts, messages now go into the error console
2.12.2009 0.8.0 fixed variable names for better coexistance with other add-ons
13.12.2009 0.8.1 make identifiers to conform to standards
5.2.2010 0.9.0
  • When (auto-)saving a message as draft or template, save current selected folder inside the headers. If the draft/template is reopened, use the saved folder as the default
  • For answers, allow to move the original message (which is the default) together with the reply (Beware! The original message will have moved, even if the send operation fails or is cancelled!).
  • Due to a bug in TB3 (Bug# 503798), the no-copy operation is always changed to a 'copy to trash'. If an account doesn't have a trash folder, use the 'Local Folders/Trash' folder, which should always exist. Thereby fixed a problem, finding the trash folder.
  • Changed default keyboard shortcut for send actions from O to D, because O is used otherwise
  • Fixed some issues with keyboard shortcuts and other minor issues
9.2.2010 0.9.1
  • Make the default for 'move the original message' configurable
  • Add a preference for 'never move original to trash'
9.2.2010 0.9.2
  • Fixed bug in the dialogbox for choose behind
  • Updated locales
24.2.2010 0.9.3
  • Fixed a mostly visual problem with the dropdown list
25.2.2010 0.9.4
  • Changed a message in the errorconsole from warning to informational
2.3.2010 0.9.5
  • Changed keyboard shortcuts for the dropdown list and checkbox for the english locale
  • Removed an annoying debug alert box
  • Fixed bug where an option is not disabled when it should
  • Updated locales pt-PT, it, ru
  • Fixed a problem for TB3.2a1
  • Fixed a problem for TB3.2a1
14.9.2010 0.9.6
  • Fixed bug where message was not saved if no To: was given
6.2.2011 0.9.7
  • Fixed a bug, where options are not correctly enabled in 'Copies And Folders' dialog
  • Hide the 'Move original message' option if its the answer to a mail which itself is the attachment of another mail (can't be moved!)
  • Fixed some TB3.3 issues
  • Good news for the future: The real 'nocopy' problem has been fixed in TB3.3a2
  • Updated locale zh-CN, Added locale sv-SE
  • Fixed issue with 'Edit as new'
21.6.2011 1.0.0
  • Added da, sr locale, update ru locale
  • Bump up to version 1.0.0 for Thunderbird 5!
20.7.2011 1.0.1
  • Fixed unreadable text of the highlighted item in the dropdownlist
  • Works with Seamonkey 2.2
29.1.2012 1.0.2
  • Changed handling of <TAB>
  • Added Sent folder to dropdownlist
26.5.2013 1.0.3
  • Some fixes for upcoming TB versions
4.10.2013 1.0.4
  • Fix bug where changes in account settings/copies and folders are not saved correctly
30.11.2013 1.0.5
  • Immediately update dropdown menu
  • Fixed problem with TB26
2.12.2013 1.0.6
  • Fixed a bug in the dropdown list with nonexistent mailboxes
5.12.2013 1.0.7
  • Fixed a bug introduced in version 1.0.5 :-(
3.2.2014 1.0.8
  • Fixed reference to external localization file
16.2.2014 1.0.9
  • Fixed bug for SeaMonkey
4.4.2014 1.1.0
  • Fixed problem for TB30
  • Removed support for TB2 and TB3.x
8.4.2014 1.1.1
  • Fixed bug introduced in version 1.1.0 :-(
1.5.2014 1.1.2
  • Fixed another bug for TB28/30
  • Fixed small problems in localization files
9.5.2016 1.1.3
  • Fixed problem with arrow keys in TB45
10.5.2016 1.1.5
  • Fixed bug with mouseclicks introduced in 1.1.3
23.4.2017 1.1.6
  • respect the 'Confirm when using keyboard shortcut to send message' setting
30.4.2017 1.1.7
  • Fixed problem with SM
26.6.2017 1.1.8
  • Fixed bug very rarely happening
  • added 'fcc=folderaddress' to the -compose commandline argument
12.8.2017 1.1.9
  • Fixed issues with upcoming TB55 and 56
  • fixed problem where account settings might not be stored
  • if sent folder is default, also allow to choose the current folder
29.12.2017 1.2.0
  • Fixed issues for TB57-59
27.4.2018 1.2.1
  • Fixed minor issues for TB60
11.12.2018 1.2.2
  • Fixed bug when opening new message from accountCentral pane or a search window
  • Fixed multiple issues for TB>60
  • Added entry to tools menu to access options dialog
11.12.2018 1.2.3
  • Fixed bug when choosing target folder after sending
14.2.2019 1.2.4
  • Added the ability to enable the add-on on additional identities
3.9.2019 1.2.5
  • Prepared to update to 2.0.0, if TB68 is installed
3.9.2019 2.0.0
  • Changed to mailextension, only runs on TB68 and beyond
28.9.2019 2.0.1
  • Fixed bug which prevents the account settings from closing
28.9.2019 2.0.2
  • Fixed bug where folderpicks are not recognized if choose behind is active
29.9.2019 2.0.3
  • Fixed toolbar buttons
  • Fixed issue if TB is called with the -compose commandline parameter without additional parameters
7.12.2019 2.0.4
  • Fixed some issues for TB>=70
25.1.2020 2.1b1
  • Fixed some issues for TB>=73. Only runs on TB73!
4.4.2020 2.2b1
  • Complete rewrite for TB>=74!
    This version goes back to the roots: just copy the sent message to the current folder!
23.6.2020 2.0.5
  • Fixed an incompatibility with add-on SmartTemplate4
31.8.2020 2.2b2
  • Reimplemented the selection box in the composer window
1.9.2020 2.2b3
  • Fixed unset preferences after fresh install
6.9.2020 2.2b4
  • Reimplemented the 'also move original message'
10.9.2020 3.0
  • Version 2.2b4 becomes final release for TB78
14.9.2020 3.1
  • Fixed bug where messages are not sent if cs2c not activated for the account
29.10.2020 3.2
  • Fixed bug where in the composer window To, CC and BCC completely vanishes if they grow too big
27.11.2020 3.3
  • Fixed bug where UI elements gets into the wrong window if multiple composer windows are opened very quickly
  • Add selected FCC to message if saved as draft or template
22.12.2020 3.4
  • Fixed possible problem with getting preferences
  • Added buttons and menu items for 'send with no copy' and 'send with copy to sentfolder'
2.1.2021 3.5
  • Allows to choose the target folder after clicking send
6.1.2021 3.6
  • Fixed problem with automatic insertion of buttons into the toolbar
  • Show icons for buttons in the customize window
6.1.2021 3.7
  • Make toolbar buttons persistent
21.1.2021 3.8
  • Selected folder now saved when message is saved as draft or template
  • Replied message now moved to target folder if 'send later' is used
  • Add-on now works if a .eml file is opened
  • Add-on now works if TB is started with -compose commandline switch
  • Show warning if add-on hits bug 1684327 (remove %-signs from foldernames)
24.1.2021 3.9
  • Fixed bug when TB is started with -compose
  • Correctly extract fcc folder from draft if it was a reply saved as draft
  • Fixed multiple issues with drafts/templates
10.2.2021 3.10
  • Fixed bug where disabled accounts aren't really disabled
  • Work around a bug where multiple copies are saved to the sent folder
1.7.2021 3.11
  • Fixed issues for TB8x/TB9x
29.8.2021 3.12
  • Fixed 'Move original message' for TB91
16.12.2021 3.13
  • Fixed issue where part of GUI might not be visible
  • Fixed issue if TB is upgraded from version 68 to 91
13.2.2022 3.14
  • Now correctly restores target folder from template/draft
24.4.2022 3.15
  • Fixed an issue with TB100
27.6.2022 3.16
  • Just mark add-on to be compatible with TB102
17.8.2022 3.17
  • Make all keyboard shortcuts and accelerators customizable
  • Fixed non functional keyboard shortcut for "Copy message to:"
  • Options dialog now uses dark theme if enabled
  • 'additional copy to Sent folder' now always enabled for gmail accounts
19.9.2022 3.18
  • Fixed error if non-mail accounts (newsgroup, feed, chat) exists
26.3.2023 3.19
  • Fixed multiple issues with TB111 (Supernova)
25.5.2023 3.20
  • Fixed issues for TB114
8.8.2023 3.21
  • Fixed missing target selector if using draft or template message (TB115)
18.8.2023 3.22
  • Fixed issue for TB117

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